What sets out team apart from the competition is our strive to make absolutely sure our customers are extremely satisfied with our services.  With over 20 years of swimming pool leak detection experience and the use of the latest leak detection technology available, we can correctly and accurately diagnose your pool on the first visit. In addition to our years of knowledge, our technicians individually receive over 300 hours of training with extensive testing.   Our experienced technicians also wear professional uniforms as well as drive clearly marked company vehicles for our customers safety and peace of mind.

At Pool Leak Doctors of The Carolinas, we will assess each leak situation individually and approach every pool with care, while performing any necessary repairs.   

Leaks Like these can cost you hundreds on your water bill!

Swimming pool leak detection in Charlotte What Sets Our Team Apart

Making sure your pool is leaking and not just evaporating is extremely important!  Please enjoy this video from the Water Conservation Specialists on how to perform the "bucket test" to verify if your pool has a leak or not

We believe in accurately diagnosing our customers pools and providing them with problem free results.W


From the first phone call, to the diagnosis and the final repair, Pool Leak Doctors of The Carolinas, LLC in Charlotte will work with our customers to make sure their needs are thoroughly met.

Save thousands by not draining your pool.  Allow us to repair any underwater problems, conserving water while saving you money!