• Pool Dive Dye Test

  • Skimmer Line Pressure Test

  • Return Line Pressure Test

  • Broken Pipe Repairs Above and below Ground

  • Structural Pool Leak Repairs

  • Pump Room Leak Repairs

  • Main Drain Repair and Installations* 

  • Residential Liner Installations and Repairs

  • Pool Inspections      

  • Crack Repairs      

Leak Detection Services Include:

Structural Examination:  Pool Leak Doctors will dive your pool and analyze its entire structure.  Every inch of your pool will be examined by one of our professional leak detectors.  We will take GoPro video of the dive examination and review the footage with our customers on site after the dive.  Commonly, most leaks are found in the structure and are easily repaired on site with epoxy included in the cost of this service.

Pressure Testing the Plumbing:  Our services also include a complete pressure test of the pools plumbing system.  Our technicians will pressurize the lines to see if they hold pressure.  Should any line not hold pressure, we will then use our state of the art listening devices to pinpoint the broken pipe and advise on the repair to our customers.

The Report:  After our services are concluded, we will send a detailed invoice of service with our findings at the customers request.  Along with this invoice will be a copy of the GoPro dive video, if a dive test was performed. 

* Pool Management Companies:  We will install and repair any main drain at anypool.  With all new installations we can prepare the county registration forms for you, eliminating the added paperwork.

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A complete skimmer and return line repair performed on a commercial pool.  No job is too big or too small for us to repair!

A structural dive dye test in progress, if there is a leak in the structure of the pool, we will find it!

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Images of a commercial pool structural crack repair